5 Things to Look for In a Photoshoot Location

Whether you’re planning a family or couples photo session, choosing a location is one of the most important things you’ll need to tick off your to-do list.

A location helps tell your story and brings your photos to life, so it’s important to choose a place that represents who you are.

There are more location opportunities in your area than you might realize – you just need to know what to look for.

How to Select the Ideal Photoshoot Location

1. Look for Spots to Stand

During your photo session, your photographer is going to guide you through a variety of poses – standing poses will be included in this mix. Along with standing still and posing in a more traditional way, your photographer will also get you to interact with each other to capture some candid, lifestyle shots. Since you will be doing a lot of standing, look for a location that gives you some good options for these types of poses.

2. Look for Spots to Sit

Next, make sure that your location also has some good spots to sit. Seated poses have a relaxed look and feel and give you more variety. When looking for places to sit, make sure that the spots are free of major distractions that could detract from the subjects of the photo.

3. Look for Open Spaces

Open spaces such as a field are great for any kind of shoot. If you’re having a photo session with kids, it gives them the opportunity to run around and have some fun. Shooting with your partner? Posing in wide, open spaces really places the focus on the two of you. This is not a must for a location, but it is good to have the option.

4. Look at the Lighting

Locations that give you a good view of the sunrise or sunset are winners. Lighting is one of the most important factors during a photo session, so take full advantage of locations that have good lighting. Golden hour is the hour after sunrise and before sunset – this is when you should aim to plan your shoot if possible.

5. Look at Accessibility

This is something many people don’t consider until the day of their session. How easy is it to get to and from your location? Is there parking available? When it’s easy to get to where your shoot will take place, it makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

By focusing on these key aspects and your personal style, you will soon find a photoshoot location that’s perfect for you.

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