Must-Have Photos for Your Fresh 48 Newborn Session

Must-Have Photos for Your Fresh 48 Newborn Session

If your due date is fast approaching, you’re probably giving your newborn photo session some serious thought.

If you’ve decided to do something a little less traditional and have scheduled a fresh 48 session, you have some very special moments to look forward to.

This documentary-style photo session will capture the very first moments that you and your partner spend with your little one – nothing compares to these photos.

Most babies are still in hospital during the first 48 hours of life, so you will need to plan your shots accordingly.

Here is our list of favorites to consider for your shoot.

  • –  The bassinet. Your baby is going to be spending some time in a hospital bassinet, so grab a sweet, cuddly blanket and let your photographer get a few overhead shots.

  • –  Baby’s faces. During those first 48 hours, you’re going to see your baby make a few different faces. There will be some crying but also lots of cute expressions that deserve to be captured.

  • –  A portrait. Baby will still be very sleepy during the first two days of life, so it’s the ideal time for your photographer to snap a few portrait shots. These can be of baby asleep or awake – whatever happens naturally.

  • –  Belly button clip. That belly button clip won’t be there for long and since it’s something that represents how you nourished your child for 9 months, it deserves a photo.

  • –  Baby nursing. Babies are pretty hungry during the first few days, so chances are your photographer will be there when you need to nurse. Get a few photos of you connecting with your little one during this time.

  • –  Tiny fingers and toes. When baby is sleeping or lying still, get a few shots of their tiny toes, feet and hands. Even those tiny rolls on their legs make for the sweetest photos.

  • –  Show their true size. Find a way to capture a few shots of baby that highlight just how little he/she is. For example, placing your little one in the center of your bed and using the right angles will capture how small your baby really is.

  • –  Candid moments. You never quite know what’s going to happen while your photographer is at the hospital for your session. Candid shots are some of the most unique, so go with the flow and don’t feel pressured to pose for every photo.

  • –  The family portrait. Last but not least, don’t forget to get a few photos of you and your partner interacting and posing with your new bundle.

    If you are feeling nervous about your upcoming session, speak to your photographer about what you can expect and what will make you feel the most comfortable.

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