The Family Photography Trends to Look for This Year

Every year brings with it the opportunity to capture more memorable moments and milestones with your family. It seems that as we head into 20xx, we can still expect to see a lot of the classic family photo styles with a contemporary twist that will really make them stand out.

Here is what we can potentially expect to see more of this year in terms of family photography.

Bold Colors

More and more photographers are encouraging their clients to experiment with bright hues because of the playful element that it adds to family photos. Backdrops and props make it easy to add pops of color to your photos. Another way that you can do this is to select outfits that add a fun splash of color to the mix – just don’t go overboard or pick patterns that could distract from the subjects of the photo.

Generational Shots

We live in an age of storytelling, which is why multigenerational shots have become increasingly popular. You never know how long each generation is still going to be around for so use this opportunity to capture parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren together. This is a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down through future generations.

Design Overlays

With filters and stickers being present on a large number of social media platforms, design overlays have slowly started entering the world of photography too. These digital enhancements can be used to add creative touches to family photos, something that is especially popular during holidays, birthdays and special events. Ask your photographer if this you’re interested in this.

Milestone Shots

Much of milestone photography falls under the family photography umbrella and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. This includes everything from newborn shoots to capturing birthdays, new school years and achievements. More parents want to capture the small yet extra-special moments. 

Fun Poses

Traditional poses will always have their place, but more families want to experiment with fun poses and unique angles when updating their family albums. A family sitting in a circle with the photographer capturing the shot from above is an example of a family photo taken from a completely different angle. 

When it comes to photography, it’s always interesting to know what trends are currently doing the rounds. However, you should always stick to styles and settings that truly represent who your family is for the most authentic result. 

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