What to Expect When You Book a Documentary Family Photo Session

Documentary photo sessions have become increasingly popular and they’re quite different from portrait and lifestyle sessions. If you feel that a documentary-style shoot is the right option for you, here is some of what you can expect.

–        None of the photos will be posed

Every photo that is captured in a documentary family photo session is natural and happens in the moment. The goal of a documentary family session is to capture real life, whatever that means for your family. This could mean spending time together baking cookies in the kitchen, sitting on the couch, helping your child brush their teeth or hugging your spouse after a long day.

–        It captures your environment as it is

When you schedule a documentary family session, it’s highly recommended that you leave your home as natural as possible. Your home in its current state is what tells your story as a family in that moment. 

–        You won’t need to bribe your children

Unlike posed shoots that require a little coaxing, documentary shoots allow parents and children to just be themselves. This gives your photographer the opportunity to capture genuine moments. Even if your child is a little cranky during your session, let your photographer capture real family life. Use this time to really bond with and enjoy your family. There’s absolutely no need for you to worry about how the photos will turn out, your photographer knows what they are doing. 

–        You get to be in the photos too

Too many parents are left out of family photos because they’re the ones taking the photos. A documentary shoot gives you and your spouse the opportunity to be in as many photos as you want to. These are the types of photos that your children will also cherish years from now. 

–        There’s no need to worry about clothing

Posed portrait sessions do require a little more planning in terms of clothing but because the aim of a documentary session is to capture your day-to-day life, you can dress as you normally would. This also allows your children to pick out outfits that they really feel comfortable in too. 

–        The camera is going to follow you

Whatever you decide to do on the day of your shoot, know that you’ll have a camera following you around. Whether you’re taking your little one to dance lessons or need to pick up some items from the store for dinner, these moments will all be captured on the day – this is the nature of a documentary photo session. 

A documentary photo session will capture your memories in the places where you spend the most time, in a way that truly represents what your family is all about. 

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