4 Photo Printing Trends to Bring Your Memories to Life

A photo isn’t really a photo until you print it out and there is a wide selection of printing options to choose from too.  

We collect countless photos every year but by not printing them, we don’t get to enjoy them as often as we could. 

If you’re a big fan of printing out your favorite memories but are keen to try something a little different, there are four photo printing trends you should definitely speak to your photographer about. 

1.     Bigger is Better

If you’ve always stuck to smaller prints, now is the time to change that. A large percentage of photographers and printers are creating bigger wall art for their clients, particularly for the focus walls in their homes. Advancements in printing technology have made it possible to create prints that are up to 50 inches wide. Opting for larger prints means you can really immerse yourself in some of your favorite memories.

2.     Combination Album Covers

Instead of printing the traditional leather luxe album cover, couples and families are now choosing to combine this traditional feel with metal for something a little different. The metal album covers are vibrant, durable and are usually handcrafted. When printed, your metal cover image will be mounted onto a fine leather luxe cover in a color of your choice, leaving you with a modern, high-end result. 

3.     Acrylic Over Canvas

While canvas prints are still a popular choice, acrylic is fast becoming the new favorite. Along with printing single photos on acrylic, people are now also using wall art clusters and splits to tell a vibrant story in their homes. Acrylic prints have a glass-like finish and instantly add more depth to any photo. Since acrylic prints are heavier, they will require wall mounts to hang but most printers will add this for you automatically anyway.

4.     Matte Metal Prints

For those who want modern prints that don’t have a reflective surface, matte metal prints are the go-to option. To achieve this look, real photo prints are mounted on aluminum and have a matte, glare-free surface. These types of prints are so durable that you could even hang them outside, provided the print is sheltered. 

With so many creative photo printing options available, there really is no excuse not to print your favorite photos. These trends also make for unique gifts for birthdays and holidays if you don’t want to go the standard-print route. 


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