Think Outside the Box to Find Your Ideal Photo Session Location

A couple kisses in front of Mt. Crested Butte for their engagement photography session.

Reviewing a photographer’s style is a key part of choosing the right photographer for your session. A professional photographer can make any location look good though, so it’s up to you to choose a location that reflects your unique style and personality.

To start your location brainstorming process, write down a few words or objects that inspire you and reflect who you are and link them to different types of locations. While you could also browse local photography sites for inspiration, make your photo session unique by thinking outside the box and not choosing a location that everyone else shoots at. You could even take a drive over the weekend to find a location that’s a little bit different.

If you are planning a family photo session, think about the things that you love to do together. Do you go walking in the park on Sunday afternoons? Perhaps you use one Saturday as a month to cook a meal together? Use these happy routines to help you choose a location for your photo session. This doesn’t mean you need to choose a quiet location either. Remember, family photo sessions are more than just posing for the camera. If you absolutely love riding your bicycles near the beach, use that exact setting for your photo session – bicycles included.

You can use your friends and family as inspiration too. Ask them how they see your family or how they would describe your personal style to get a new perspective. If you already have a good idea of the concept or mood that you would like to create, use that as inspiration when deciding on a location – it will play a crucial role after all. 

It’s never too soon to start thinking about a location for your photo session. Once the ideas start rolling in, it takes a lot of pressure off you in the days leading up to your shoot. Don’t leave your location selection to the last minute – you will only be disappointed once you realize which locations would’ve worked really well after the fact. 

If you’re new to an area, give your photographer an idea of the style and overall feel you’re looking for so that they can provide you with their professional recommendations. 

A high school senior photography session on a lake in Crested Butte Colorado with a dancer.


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