Feminine Outfit Ideas for Your Upcoming Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is an experience unlike any other and it deserves to be commemorated in a special way. You will never regret capturing this time in your life, especially if you take the time to make the shoot your own, and it all starts with your outfit.

With the right outfit, you will be left with eye-catching images that truly embody your femininity and this memorable time in your life.

Outfit Inspiration for Your Maternity Shoot

Soft Maternity Bras

Yes, you do actually get soft and feminine maternity bras that look lovely on camera. This is the ideal time to go shopping for a few bras that are both functional and beautiful. This will give you something to wear for your shoot and something you can actually use once baby arrives. Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you need to forgo gorgeous outfits and underwear. Adding a pair of comfortable boy shorts to the mix makes for the perfect outfit. 

Feminine Robe

A robe is a must for any maternity shoot. A soft, feminine robe looks great in photos because it perfectly drapes over your curves and adds the perfect finishing touch to your photos. The type of robe that you choose will depend on the effect you’re going for. Most women tend to choose floral prints or pastel colors but choose something that you feel comfortable in and that showcases your personality. 

The Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses come in a variety of styles and colors, they’re super comfortable and the flowy fabrics drape beautifully over your growing belly, making this an ideal choice for your maternity shoot. 

Oversized Sweater

If you want something a little more cozy and soft, you could also wear an oversized sweater that allows you to show off your legs, shoulders, and your stomach. Naturally, just make sure the sweater looks stylish and feminine – solid, soft colors are a better choice than patterns and logos.

If you need some additional inspiration, head over to Pinterest or browse through your photographer’s maternity gallery.  



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