What to Consider When Planning Your Newborn Photography Session

Your new little one is one the way and you want to capture every angle of their sweet chubby face, but when should you be scheduling your photography session and how soon should you start looking for a photographer? 

The Search

It’s recommended that you start researching photographers in your third trimester. Plus, the earlier you start looking, the more professionals you’ll be able to choose from. Newborn photographers can only schedule so many sessions per month, which means many of them are booked far in advance. 

The Type

Parents have the option of having their baby photographed within the first 48 hours of them being born or they can choose to have them photographed several weeks after the birth. If you decide to go the 48-hour route, you will need to discuss your due date with your photographer so that he/she can plan around it, particularly since the timing of your birth can be unpredictable. If you would prefer to set a date that you know you can definitely stick to, book a date 10 – 14 days after your due date.

Your Preferences

Next, you need to decide whether you would be comfortable having a photographer around you two days after you gave birth or if you would prefer to get some rest first. Not every new mom feels their best after the birth, especially if it was a difficult one. The types of photos that you want of your little one will also determine when you should schedule your session. If you prefer those sleepy, snuggly shots, you should schedule the shoot within two weeks of the birth. 

You will have tons of time to snap perfect pictures of your little one as they change and grow but there is only a short period of time that you can capture those brand new photos. It’s for this reason that it helps to plan your newborn shoot in advance. 


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