13 Instagram Hacks That Will Help You Take Better Photos

Instagram is a photo lover’s dream and one of the most popular social media apps around today. It’s amazing what people are posting and how professional and creative their shots are. If you want to step up your Instagram game, here are a few hacks that will help.

1.     Use Your Eyes First. Instead of looking at an image on your phone’s screen, use your eyes first. Taking the time to plan and frame your shot using your eyes will ensure you get the composition right the first time around. Draw the viewer in using a point of interest. You can even use multiple points of interest; just don’t make your photo too cluttered.

2.     Be On the Lookout for Moments. Moments are gone in an instant and we are often so busy on our phones that we miss the perfect Instagram-worthy shot. Many Instagram influencers say that being in the moment is one thing that helps them capture eye-catching shots. 

3.     Combine Instagram with Other Apps. There are a number of other apps out there that can create the effects you’re looking for. For example, sometimes you need a slow shutter speed to capture the photo you want, an app like Slow Shutter Cam really comes in handy here. 

4.     Take It From a Different Angle. Sometimes the angle is the one thing that makes a shot unique. Try taking a photo from a completely different perspective to change up your feed and add a touch of creativity.

5.     Use Portrait Mode. Instagram now has a portrait mode, which helps add more length to the scene. Simply changing the shot to portrait mode can help you tell your story in a different way.

6.     Stay Out a Little Longer. Too many people miss some of the best lighting and photo opportunities because they head inside once the sun starts to go down. Staying out just a little longer will give you an array of amazing photo opportunities.

7.     Get Up Close and Personal. Want to add more emotion and intimacy to your photos? Get a little closer to the people or subject you are shooting. This can even apply to inanimate objects. If you want to capture something in more detail, don’t be afraid to get much closer.

8.     Don’t Over-Edit. When we have so many apps and filters to choose from, it becomes easy to over-edit our photos. Most photos don’t need as much editing as you think they do.

9.     Play with Colors. When you use the right colors together, it completely changes an image. If you struggle to find the right combinations, keep a copy of the color wheel on your phone for easy reference. You can even use different shades of the same color or solid blocks of color.

10.  Don’t Forget about the Grid Feature. Every camera gives you the option to shoot with a grid on. Basically, a grid makes it easier to analyze the composition of your photo before you take it, which means you can more easily apply the rule of thirds.

11.  Bring in a Background. If you happen to be shooting something plain, find a colorful or textured background to add more interest to the shot. The right background can instantly change the tone of the photo.

12.  Get Active. This is where your camera’s burst mode really comes in handy. Capturing a subject in action adds a touch of fun and movement to your Instagram feed.

13.  Embrace White Space. White space will give your photos a little breathing room and places the focus on the subject of the photo. 

Whether you want to grow your followers or just want to take photos that will change up your feed, these hacks will certainly make a massive difference. 


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