4 Games to Play During Your Family Photoshoot to Add a Touch of Fun

Family photo sessions do require an element of control but ultimately, they should be filled with joy and laughter, particularly if you’re shooting with kids.

Not many people think about adding games to their session but it’s actually a highly-effective way to get your family to relax, have fun, interact with each other and smile naturally throughout your photo session. 

Before you go ahead and throw games into the mix though, make sure that you keep your photographer in the loop to ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are a few game ideas to inspire you before your upcoming photoshoot.

1.     Surprise Attack

This is one game that works really well with dads and their children. Get your photographer to give dad a signal that tells him to hug, tickle or surprise your kids. Just be sure that everyone is always facing the camera so that your photographer can capture their faces. The surprise attack game is great for capturing a few fun shots between dad and children.

2.     How Low Can You Go

This game gives your photographer the opportunity to capture a few shots from a different angle. Start by placing your child on your lap and get them to lean back while you hold them around their waists. Children love the challenge of seeing how far they can go and it usually results in a lot of giggling too.

3.     Stop & Go

Use stop and go or red light-green light commands to get a variety of fun photos of your family. Again, you would need to coordinate this with your photographer so that they know when to shoot. This game works particularly well with young children that tend to be busybodies.

4.     Fly Away

This is another great option if your children prefer to be held or struggle to sit still. There’s just something about capturing the expression on a child’s face when they are held and lifted to new heights by someone they love and trust. 

If you’re worried about your kids being able to sit still long enough for photos or your partner doesn’t love the idea of posing in front of a camera, games can help lighten the mood and make your upcoming photo session more enjoyable for all. 


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