9 Photo Album Ideas for Families that Love Capturing Memories

If you are someone who loves creating and capturing memories with the people you love, you’re probably always on the lookout for creative printing and photo storage options.

Family photo albums are not only great for looking back on your memories whenever you want to but they make for amazing gifts for loved ones too. The fact that you’re printing your photos is a good start – not many people do. However, general photo albums can make it difficult to keep track of memories from a specific period or of a particular milestone or vacation.

If you want to get more organized with your photos, here are a few family photo album ideas that you’ll love.

1.     The Annual Album

So much happens during the year. From birthdays and graduations to vacations and sporting events, there are a lot of photos to keep track of. Creating an annual album allows you to look back on some of your best moments from a specific year. Customize the album covers to indicate which year the photos are from.

2.     The Milestone Album

A milestone album will contain all of your child’s achievements, including concerts, graduations, and sporting awards. This album is also the perfect gift for grandparents who want to look back on and show off the achievements of their grandchildren.

3.     The Seasonal Album

If your family loves seasonal shoots, you can create an album that just includes your seasonal shoots from different years. The changing colors make for an eye-catching album and you get to see how your family has changed over the years.

4.     The Generational Album

This also makes for a great gift for grandparents and future generations. A generational album showcases photos of great grandparents all the way through to the youngest grandchildren. Not only is the album sentimental but educational too. 

5.     The Vacation Album

If family vacations are your thing, take the time to create a small photo album for all of your trips. If it was quite a large family vacation that included people from afar, creating an album makes for a wonderful gift that they can take home with them.

6.     The Artwork Album

Instead of going the traditional route and putting your child’s artwork up on the fridge, why not create an album that will allow you to treasure all of these works of art? Simply scan the artwork and add them to an album of your choice. 

7.     The Holiday Album

We celebrate so many different holidays throughout the year, including Easter, Halloween, and Christmas – and we take a whole lot of photos on each day. If your holiday-related photos are piling up, create an album that’s dedicated to just those memories. 

8.     The School Album

You only realize how quickly your children are growing when you start comparing school photos from years that have passed. Creating a school album that includes one photo from every year makes for the perfect graduation gift for your children and is something they can show to their children one day. 

9.     The Mother/Father’s Day Album

Mother’s and Father’s day is so special – it really does make you feel proud to be a parent. Whether you want to create an album that commemorates every year you get to spend with your kids or you want to give your partner a personal gift, an album is a great idea. 

As you can see, there are so many amazing ways to organize and look back on your favorite memories with the people you love the most. Plus, these albums will inspire you to keep taking and printing your photos. 


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