Is My Photographer a Professional or an Amateur with an Expensive Camera?

When you make the decision to invest in a photographer and entrust them with an important memory or milestone, naturally, you want to make sure they can actually get the job done, and well.

So, how can you tell whether the photographer you want to hire has the experience they claim to have?

The Proof is in the Pudding

A photographer’s gallery is one of the most important factors to look at when you’re deciding whether to hire them or not. Not only will their gallery give you a better idea of their specific photographic style but it will immediately clarify whether they have the skills you’re looking for. If for any reason they can’t send you a link to an online gallery, see this as a red flag. 

What are Others Saying?

Before you hire a photographer, do a little research to see what past clients have to say about them. People can freely post reviews on social media as well as Google so you should easily be able to find a few that you can use to make a more educated decision.

Equipment Usage Tells a Story

You don’t need to know a lot about camera equipment to tell how experienced someone is. For one, a photographer could have a top of the range camera but shoot on auto mode instead of choosing the settings themselves. Another tell-tale sign that a photographer may be inexperienced is if they use their camera’s built-in flash instead of a dedicated flash. Lastly, experienced photographers will cradle the lens from the bottom and keep their elbows tucked in when shooting. Inexperienced photographers will usually have their elbows out to the side and their palms will be facing out and forward. 

What Happened During the Consultation?

It’s also important to pay attention to what is being said during your communication with a photographer. Are they asking questions about what you want and what your budget is or are they simply looking to get you to commit? 

By paying attention to these aspects, you should easily be able to tell whether the photographer you’re thinking about hiring is cut out for the job. 


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