Mini Sessions vs. Full Photoshoots: Which One Should I Book?

If you’ve wanted to schedule a photoshoot for some time now, you’ve probably seen a few mentions of mini sessions. 

If you’re wondering whether mini sessions are better than a full photoshoot and vice versa, know that there’s no real way to say one is better than the other because each option serves a slightly different purpose – it all depends on what you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to capture photos of your three toddlers, chances are you’re already pretty strapped for time, which is when a mini session might be a better option for you. Mini sessions are also ideal if you’re considering working with a photographer for a more custom shoot and you want to try out their services, almost like a sample session.

If you need a larger variety of photos that follow a specific style, a full photoshoot would be a better option. A full photo session also costs more, so keep that in mind when planning for your session. 

Main Differences Between a Mini & Full Photo Session

Here is a quick comparison of these two types of photo sessions. Keep in mind that this might differ among photographers. 

Mini Sessions

–        The location of the shoot will be predetermined

–        A specific time slot will be made available and is a lot less flexible. The average mini session lasts about 20 minutes

–        Clients can expect to receive a fewer amount of images

–        Most mini sessions do not include custom edits 

–        Subjects will only be able to take photos in one outfit

–        Since time is limited, only a limited number of poses can be used

–        The pre-shoot consultation is brief

Full Photo Session

–        You can choose a location for your shoot or multiple locations

–        The average full photoshoot lasts about an hour

–        Clients can expect to receive more images to chose from as the session is longer

–        More options for editing the images

–        The pre-shoot consultation is more detailed

–        More décor and props can be included in the shoot

–        Subjects can bring along an extra outfit for the session

–        A wider variety of poses can be used during the shoot

Regardless of the option you choose, you can expect to receive beautiful photographic memories that you can use for years to come. Speak to your photographer about your requirements to decide what’s best for you.  



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