Lifestyle vs Traditional Family Photography – The Basics

If you’ve started your search for a family photographer, you probably have a good idea of the kinds of photos you want, where you want to have your shoot and what you want to wear.

However, if this is your first family photo session, you’re probably wondering about the differences between traditional and lifestyle photography. Is there even a difference? The answer is, yes.

Let’s take a quick look at the main differences.

Traditional Family Session Basics

  • –  You will be facing the camera. During your traditional family photo session, you will be doing a lot of posing facing the camera. It’s the kind of poses you will place on a holiday card or send to a grandparent. Your photographer will also help you guide your little ones, ensuring everyone is looking at the camera.

  • –  The photos are more formal. Traditional photos tend to be more formal because they’re more composed. They’re more about capturing faces than the emotions and actions present in a moment.

    Lifestyle Family Session Basics

  • –  There’s more movement. During a lifestyle session, you will be encouraged to interact and play with your children. It can take some children a while to get used to your photographer but once they do, the camera will start clicking.

  • –  The session might be longer. Since there’s a lot more going on during a lifestyle session, you may need to set some extra time aside. This is particularly true if your children are still young. Some kids get tired, feel ill or simply want to be comforted. Your photographer will help you prepare for your session by taking these things into account.

  • –  It’s about the everyday moments. A lifestyle family session is all about the candid moments. Yes, some posed photos can be included but it’s more about telling stories and capturing moments as they happen. The photos will include more movement, genuine expressions, and props. You won’t need to face the camera and smile for every photo – you will mostly just be doing what comes naturally.

    The type of photo session you decide on will depend on your reasons for wanting to schedule it, what you want to do with your photos and your family’s personal style.

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