Printing Your Photos on Wood and Metal: What You Need to Know

Not many people know that it’s possible to print your favorite photos on metal or wood – perfect for those who want to try something other than canvas or standard photo paper.

Wood and metal offer a modern way to display your photos in high quality and eye-popping color, with the added bonus of an interesting texture. If you had to try and look at a wood or metal print next to a regular photo print online, it would be difficult to tell the difference but you can definitely see it in real life. 

Printing Photos on Metal: The Basics

If you want your photos to look really contemporary once they’ve been printed, metal is the way to go. Metal prints look amazing in most areas of the home, including the living room or bedrooms. Not only do metal prints bring your photos to life but they always make for good conversation pieces too.

Since metal prints are frameless, the end result is clean and has a modern look and feel. Naturally, this is also a durable material, which means you can expect your prints to last for much longer, provided they are protected from the elements. 

Many people are surprised by how well their photos turn out once printed on metal. Since the image is infused into an aluminum sheet, the colors are more vibrant and clear. 

Metal prints make it easy to play around with color and texture, which makes it ideal as a focal point in almost any room. 

Printing Photos on Wood: The Basics

The grain that’s present in wood is what really makes your photos special. In fact, many people print their photos on wood because of the intense effects that it offers. 

Not only are wooden prints durable but they add a touch of warmth and relaxation to almost any space. If you want to incorporate a natural feel into your home or outdoor area, wooden prints are the best fit.

Wooden prints are designed to bring texture into the mix, which either adds something extra to the print’s surroundings or it further enhances the room by blending in with the walls and décor. 

Overall, if you want to try stepping away from some of the more traditional printing materials, you may want to look into wood and metal. 



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