Wedding Florals- Tips for Brides

To Flower or Not to Flower? That is the question! It isn’t an easy decision to make…and once you make it you have a host of other decisions to make too. Should I do it myself? How much should I spend on florals? Whats colors look best together? The questions can be endless. We have amazing floral options here in Crested Butte, CO. Misty Mountain Florals is located in the heart of Crested Butte and has been offering floral arrangements for years in our area. From the Ground Up, located in Denver CO., specializes in garden organic floral design where flowers are arranged to mimic nature. They use big blooms and unique and unusual flowers to create a special texture and look to your blooms. Bramble and Bloom, located in the heart of downtown Crested Butte Colorado, creates unique floral arrangements year round for all occasions. Visit The Gunnison-Crested Butte Wedding Guide for a list of additional vendors for your next wedding or event in the Gunnison Valley.

Here are some of my favorite arrangements and tips from the professionals-

Understand that there are no right or wrong choices when selecting flowers for your wedding. It is your own personal choice, as your own preferences are the most important part, as well as having a basic understanding of what works well for the theme you’ve chosen and your budget. You can also expect a good florist to provide you with helpful advice, so be prepared to ask plenty of questions and to run ideas past your florist once you reach that stage. Some basics to grasp before getting into the details include:

  • Remember that less is more. Flowers are the splash of color, the ornamentation on top of many other already beautiful parts of a wedding.

  • Good positioning and use of inexpensive foliage can create the sense that you have more floral arrangements than you actually do.

  • Your florist must share your vision, or it’s time to find one who does.

Start by looking through bridal magazines, books, and even gardening books that focus on flowers. If you don’t already have an idea of the types of flowers you’d like to have, simply looking at beautifully photographed flowers can be a lovely way to start getting an idea of what you like.

Consider the color of the flowers. Color is an important part of your decision about which flowers to have. The colors chosen should complement the bridal gown, the wedding theme, and the clothing of the rest of the bridal party.

Consider the season. The season plays an important role in your choice, especially if you’re budget-conscious.

Spring flowers: amaryllis, anemone, daffodil, freesia, gerbera, lily of the valley, orchid, ranunculus, stephanotis, and sweet pea.

  • Summer flowers: anthurium, carnation, chrysanthemum, gypsophila, lily, magnolia, peony, rose, and sunflower.

  • Autumn/fall flowers: agapanthus, aster, clematis, daisy, hosta, hydrangea, passion flower, and pinks.

  • Winter flowers: camellia, euphorbia, iris, nerine, pansy, poinsettia, snowdrop, tulip.

  • All year round flowers: calla lily, carnation, gypsophila, orchid, protea, rose, and tulip (although this list may vary by region).

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