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Why You Should Continue Printing Your Digital Photos 

 With everyone having a smartphone and DSLR cameras being readily available, digital photos make up the majority of today’s photos.

It’s easier than ever to store gigabytes of digital photos and browse through them on your phone, tablet or computer, so why should you bother taking the time to print them out? 

Here are just a few reasons why everyone should consider printing their digital photos more often.

Jpegs can deteriorate. If you enjoy editing your photos and end up making regular edits to the same jpeg, eventually, the quality of the photo will deteriorate.  One way to prevent this from happening is to create a copy, print a copy or two and then do any editing on the third copy. 

Enjoy the best of the best. Most of us have stored thousands of digital photos. Instead of browsing through hundreds of photos at a time, you can curate a smaller collection by printing your favorites. 

It is possible for technology to fail. No matter what device you’re using or how much faith you have in a digital file storage solution, technology still fails. By printing your favorite digital photos, you will always have a copy available that you can store for years. As a side note, if you haven’t made a backup in a while, here’s your reminder.

They make for great gifts. This is particularly true for grandparents. It’s so easy to print digital photos and have them sent as a gift to those you love. Whether it’s in a frame or in the form of a photobook, you will definitely make grandma’s day.

Prints can be customized. If you have a few unconventional frame sizes and shapes at home, it’s possible to create prints to fit them. This will allow you to finally fill those frames and have something new to display in your home. 

They fill your home with memories. Lastly, what’s a home without printed digital photos of the people you love. It’s only once you start printing photos and placing them in frames or an album that you realize how wonderful they make you feel.

If your photos are overdue for an organizing session, now’s the perfect time to select a few photos you would like to print. You don’t need to print them all at once either. As you sort through your digital photos, create a separate print folder and print a few every month. White House Custom Color is a great printing company option! Visit our portfolio of more amazing photos!

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