4 Ways to Take Better Group Shots of Your Children

When you’re mom, you quickly become an expert at wrangling groups of children together but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them to sit still for a photo. Keeping kids in line when you just want one good photo of them can be a challenge but it is possible – these tips should help. 

1.     You’re the Boss

You are an adult and a parent, so tell your kids what to do in order to get them to sit still and pose for at least one photo. Adding a little encouragement and a few compliments to the mix will also make your kids feel more confident. This should hopefully make them want to pose for a few extra shots. Sometimes you need to be a little bossy to get decent family photos.

2.     Make Sure Everyone is in Focus

Whether you’re taking the photo with your DSLR camera or your phone, make sure that your camera is set up to keep everyone in focus. This means having a larger f-stop number. You should also have a fast shutter speed or set your phone up to take multiple shots so that you can still get a shot if your kids decide to wriggle around. 

3.     Keep Things Playful

If your kids are having fun, they’ll be far more willing to go along with whatever you have in mind. Sitting still is for adults, so the more you can turn the photo session into a game, the more smoothly it will go. For example, want to get your kids to sit still for a couple seconds? Tell them this is a contest to see who can keep their feet glued to one spot for the longest amount of time. Want them to smile and laugh? Ask everyone to look at the child who likes to burp the most – anything that fits in with your family should work. 

4.     Get Comfortable with Imperfection

When you’re trying to photograph a group of people, particularly children, there is always going to be someone who moves or closes their eyes. Don’t get too hung up on the details and make peace with the fact that you may not get the perfect shot at all. Life is imperfect and so are children, so embrace this fact and snap away. You may want a perfectly posed photo but find that a candid shot ends up being the one you print for your wall at home. 

Yes, photographing kids is a challenge but it’s also time you get to spend having fun with some of the most precious little souls in your life – enjoy it. 


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