Taking the Perfect Profile Photo: 6 Easy-to-Implement Tips

Everyone needs a profile picture, whether it’s for social media, a resume or an app such as WhatsApp, but how do you take a profile picture that looks good and showcases your unique personality? 

Your profile picture is your first impression and a part of your personal brand. It can impact you both professionally and socially. 

Whether you’re signing up on a platform for the first time or simply want to update your existing profile picture, these tips will help.

1.     Let them see your face. While this depends on where you will be using your profile picture, it’s always better to show your face. If you want to show off your passions through the images, place those type of photos as your cover image or background, not in your profile picture. 

2.     It’s all about framing. Your head shouldn’t be too close or too far away from the camera. A profile picture should be framed, which means people can see your face but also a bit of the background. 

3.     Think contrasting colors. Consider the colors that are most prominent on the platform you will be using this profile picture on and find a way to add a contrasting color into the background. You can even make your background and your outfit contrasting colors.

4.     Speaking of backgrounds. Your profile picture should focus on your face, so keep your background simple.  Having a profile image with a blurred background will help make your photo stand out more. 

5.     Ask for opinions. If you don’t mind sharing your profile picture with a few friends and colleagues, ask people for their honest opinions. What would their first impression be if they didn’t know you and saw this photo for the first time? 

6.     Add some branding. If you are running your own business, there is a way to sneak your brand into your profile picture too. You can place it in the background, wear a branded shirt or add a mini logo to your photo if there is some space. You could also include a prop in your photo that is symbolic of your career.

If you feel like you need a little guidance, contact us to set up a session and get your headshot photos updated. 


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