5 Unusual Locations that are Excellent Photo Backdrops

If you love taking photos of your children but are looking to try something a little different, the perfect photo backdrops may be closer than you think.

In most cases, you won’t need to go too far from home to create a unique set of photos either. Here are a few unusual locations that are ideal backdrops for photos of your loved ones. 

1.     Your Driveway

This might not sound like an exciting backdrop but it becomes something magical once you apply some sidewalk chalk and a touch of imagination to it. This is a backdrop that you can involve your kids in too. To capture your child’s creations, you may need a ladder so that you can shoot from above. You should also change your child’s outfit before you start shooting because they will probably be covered in chalk. Choose clothing that matches the colors in the mural to really make the photo pop. 

2.     An Underpass 

Tunnels and underpasses make for interesting backdrops and the best part is that you can shoot at any time of the day. To keep the photos interesting, dress your kids in something colorful and adjust your angles to achieve different looks. 

3.     Your Child’s Art

If your kids love being creative, their art can be a beautiful backdrop for a few photos. Use one or several pieces of their art as a backdrop on the wall behind them. You may need to change your child’s outfit so that the photo doesn’t look too busy though. 

4.     Walls or Fences

Have you ever seen a wall or fence that you thought was particularly interesting or eye-catching? Next time you drive past something like that, make a note of the location so that you can use it as a backdrop for photos of your little ones. Fences and walls work really well as backdrops because of the repetition and leading lines. If there are extra details such as vines or flowers, that’s an added bonus.

5.     Flower Beds

Flower beds are lovely backdrops if you have little girls and you don’t need to have a manicured garden to make this work either. If you’ve ever driven past gardens and parks that have beautiful flower beds, set a date and time to go and take a few photos. With the right angle and lighting, you can create photos that make it look like you’re in the middle of the countryside. Encourage your girls to gently interact with the flowers or place a few flowers from home in their hair for a beautiful finishing touch. 

To find new and interesting backdrops for your photos, you simply need to open your eyes and mind to what’s in your immediate area. Once you start looking for interesting backdrops, you quickly realize how many you’ve been missing all this time. 

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