7 Father’s Day Photo Gifts You’ll Love

If there is one thing that all fathers hold dear to their hearts, it’s memories. With Father’s Day coming up, you’re probably looking for some gift inspiration – these photo gift ideas will hit the mark.

1.     Water Color Creations. Is there a special black and white photo that you have lying around that you know your dad would love? Give a fond memory an extra-special touch by painting it with watercolors and placing it in a beautiful frame.

2.     Photo Coasters. This is a photo gift that you can DIY or you can get a professional printer to assist you. Coasters are something that everyone has in their home so why not turn them into a personalized gift?

3.     Photo Collage Message. Use medium-density fibreboard to create words such as Love or Joy, paint the letters a color of your choice and turn one of the letters into a photo collage. This way, dad can come home to a special message as well as photos of the people he loves.

4.     Repurposed Book Cover. Book covers are another creative way to display your favorite memories. Use a craft knife to cut a small rectangle into the middle of the cover and a few of the pages behind it. Secure the pages to each other and the cover of the book before adding a photo to the front using double-stick tape.

5.     Photo To-Do Board. Is dad always planning and on the go? Why not give him a new to-do board that includes photos of the people in his life. It’s sure to make him smile even when the day gets busy.

6.     Scrapbook Photo Frame. If you love scrapbooking, create a page of your own design inside a metal frame. Attach a bright ribbon to the top of the frame so that dad can hang it anywhere he wants to.

7.     Photo Card. Instead of going the traditional route and buying a card, make a photo-inspired card yourself. Find a beautiful vintage photo of dad that you can use to create a unique father’s day card that he won’t forget.

If you don’t have any recent photos with your father, now would be the perfect time to book a custom photo session. 



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