8 Easy Ways to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone


It’s no secret that smartphone cameras are more advanced than ever. Unless you take photos professionally, there almost isn’t a need to invest in a DSLR camera when you have the right smartphone.

If you are always snapping away on your phone but wish your photos could be a little better, here are a few tips that will help you upgrade your skills.

1.     Forgo the zoom and get closer instead

While a zoom is helpful in some instances, it can actually take away a lot of the finer details in an image. If possible, rather get closer to your subject – you’ll be surprised at how much quality it adds.

2.     Make use of gridlines

If you want your photos to look more balanced, turn on gridlines. If you have some photography knowledge, you might be familiar with the rule of thirds. Gridlines will place lines across your screen that will help you break your shots up in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. You should find gridlines under your settings menu. 

3.     Keep your lens clean

It might sound obvious, but you quickly realize how much your photos improve once you give your lens a quick clean. We use our phones multiple times a day, which means it’s easy for dirt and grime to build up without us realizing it.  

4.     The filters can go

If you have some free time and you wouldn’t mind learning a new skill, why not skip the usual filters that everyone else around the world is using and edit your photos using a program such as Photoshop Express? Snapseed is another app that is very easy to use.

5.     Forgo the flash

Unfortunately, using the flash on your phone won’t give you the best photos. The flash is generally located right next to the lens, which means photos tend to come out quite blurry. Not to mention the effect it can have on the skin and eyes of your subjects. Rather look for a natural source of light or an indoor light instead of using a flash. 

6.     Don’t be scared to try some new angles

When you start using your smartphone at a different angle, you get to capture people and scenes from an entirely different perspective. For example, capturing an image from a bird’s eye view can give you a totally different take on the same scenario. 

7.     Make things easier by using your volume button

If you aren’t already, use the “up” volume button to take your photo instead of trying to press the button at the bottom of your screen. 

8.     Take photos horizontally

Lastly, another easy way that you can change things up and capture more elements is to turn your phone on its side and take photos horizontally. 

Overall, the more you keep learning and practicing photography using your smartphone, the easier it will be to find methods and techniques that work for you. 



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