6 Ways to Capture Real Family Memories Using Your Camera

A family during their family photo session in Crested Butte Colorado.

There is always going to be a place for beautiful posed photos but when you think about the photos from your childhood, what really stands out? It’s usually the shots that bring back flashes of memorable moments with the people you love; photos that take you right back to those moments.

If you want to make this the year that you capture real moments with your family, here are a few tips that you will find useful.

1.     Get down to their level. Your child sees the world from an entirely different perspective and getting down to that level will help you to capture a moment as they see it. Think about when a young baby does tummy time. Have you ever captured a photo of your child while you’re on your stomach too? Try taking photos from a different angle to give your shots a whole new feel. 

2.     No cheese please. Big beautiful smiles are great but sometimes they can look a little forced. Another approach would be to have a conversation with your child. When your child feels comfortable, their smiles look much more natural.

3.     Keep personalities in mind. If you will be taking photos of your children, keep their personalities in mind for some really authentic shots. You know your child better than anyone, so you know exactly where you could expect to find them in the house and how you can highlight their best qualities. Try not to force the shots either – the moments in between your shots often make for the best photos.

4.     Do something fun. If you’ve been trying to get your kids to pose for ages and they’ve stopped playing along, use this time to have a little fun. Play outside, create something in the kitchen or have a little fun with your pets. These moments make for amazing candid shots and are great for capturing your home life.

5.     Incorporate important places. Make a list of the places where you’ve made some of your best memories. Sometimes it isn’t the big family vacation that you have planned but the reading nook in the corner of your living room. Taking more photos in these settings will ensure you can capture this time in your life and that you have a special memory attached to it. Use these places to tell a story about your life.

6.     Capture the details. Sometimes it’s the smaller details that manage to jog your memory so don’t forget to capture them too. Whether it’s your child’s favorite stuffed animal or a recipe that you’re passing down to your kids, these small details are actually big parts of your memories. 

These photos are going to be something that your children treasure one day so keep this in mind when you’re planning your photos. 


Kids pose for their family photography photo shoot in Crested Butte Colorado.

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