5 Things to Do When You Get a New Camera

A sister and brother look at the camera while posing for their family portrait photo shoot in Crested Butte Colorado.

So, you’ve finally treated yourself to your first DSLR camera or gotten an upgrade, but what do you do now that you have your new camera in your hands? 

Getting a new camera can be a little intimidating, particularly if you’re not a professional photographer. Once you open the box, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your new device.

What to Do Once You Buy a New Camera

1.     Get Acquainted with the Manual

This is certainly not going to be the most exciting thing you’ve ever read but it’s still important to set a few hours aside so that you can go through it. Going through the manual matters because it will teach you how to keep your camera functioning and how to use all the buttons and menus. You will feel a lot more comfortable with your new purchase once you go through the manual. 

2.     Think about the Extras

Depending on what you’re planning to do with your new camera, decide if you will need any extras such as a second memory card, a tripod or a specific lens. If this is your first camera, what you have in the box will probably work just fine for now. 

3.     Find Some Educational Resources or Take a Beginning Photography Class

If this is your first camera, find a few resources that you can use to get acquainted with photography terminology and to learn how you can take the best pictures using your particular camera. Spending even 30 minutes every day reading an informative blog post will ensure that you’re taking amazing photos by the end of the year. You may even want to think about taking a beginning photography class.

4.     Get Inspired

Now that you know a little more about your camera, start collecting some inspiration using Pinterest or start following a few photography accounts on Instagram that match the style you’re interested in. If you will simply be using your camera to take photos of the people you love, find a few everyday photographers who love doing the same thing.

5.     Get Snapping

Make a point of using your camera a few times a week – don’t just let it sit there and gather dust. Keep your camera battery charged and take your camera everywhere you go, particularly if you’re going out with your family or friends. 

Buying a new camera is very exciting, so get ready to create memories and get those creative juices flowing.

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