Preparing Your House for Your Upcoming In-Home Photo Session

Using your home as a backdrop for your photos helps tell your family’s story. One day, you will look back on these photos and feel a sense of nostalgia as you reminisce about the moments you shared in that home. 

It’s only natural to feel a little stressed about having a professional photography session in your home. You might also think it’s too small or the lighting could be better but there are ways that your home can still be the backdrop for beautiful photos.

–        A little clutter is ok

At the end of the day, you live in your home with your children so it should look like a home in your photos. A little clutter here and there is definitely not a problem. It’s only when there are piles and piles of clutter that it will start detracting from the subjects of your photos. Take a look around your home before your session and decide if you need to organize your clutter a little. 

–        Don’t go crazy with the cleaning

Your home should be clean but you don’t exactly need to deep clean the carpets before your photographer arrives. Simply make sure that there isn’t a mound of dirty dishes in your sink or stains in places you want to shoot and you’ll be fine. 

–        Double-check your bedding

If you want a few shots of your children jumping on the bed or of you reading to them, it’s better if your bedding isn’t too busy as this can detract from the people in your photos. Children’s bedding is usually the busiest so you may want to stick to the main bedroom or switch out their bedding out for the day. 

–        Dress up your couch

Want a few shots on your couch? Add a throw or a few pillows to make the scene extra cozy – just stay away from busy prints and distracting colors. 

–        Tidy up your yard

Planning to get a few shots outside? Make sure that your lawn has been mowed and that there isn’t any dried dog poop lying around that could show up in your photos. You also don’t want your photographer stepping in anything unsavory.

Even though it would really help your photographer if you do what you can to prepare your house prior to your shoot, they will be paying attention to lighting as well as the background of your photos anyway. If need be, your photographer will shift things around to help you get the best possible photos.  

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