Should You Buy a Camera Lens for Your Smartphone?

Today’s smartphones are equipped with some impressive photographic technology. Even though DSLR cameras are still more advanced in terms of features and the lenses that can be used, smartphones are more convenient to carry around, plus we almost always have them with us.

So, does it make sense to purchase a camera lens for your smartphone? 

A lens can help you to overcome some common smartphone camera limitations. For one, the lens on your smartphone is small, which means only so much light is able to filter through. The digital zoom function, while handy, also usually ends up pixelating your images. Both of these limitations can be overcome with the right lens.  

Whether or not you should purchase a smartphone camera lens is dependent on what you usually do with your DSLR camera, how often you take photos, and what you want to use those photos for. A lens will definitely provide you with more possibilities and enhance the overall quality of your pictures. It also gives you the option to edit your photos in a photo editing app instead of using filters. 

Most people who have purchased smartphone camera lenses in the past have said it wasn’t worthwhile. However, photographers who want to look at making money with smartphone photography would definitely benefit from purchasing one or more lenses. 

The Types of Smartphone Camera Lenses

Here are the types of lenses you can purchase for your smartphone camera:

–        Wide Angle. If you love taking street or landscape photos, wide angle lens is a must. It also works well for food photography.

–        Telephoto. If you want to be able to capture moments from a distance without losing picture quality, this lens will help you achieve that. 

–        Macro. If you want to capture more detail and texture in your images, a macro lens is ideal.

–        Fisheye. A fisheye lens is ideal for those creative projects.

If you are considering buying a camera lens for your smartphone, be sure to do your research on the different brands that are available and find out what will work best for your phone. 


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