Unique Ideas for Capturing Family Milestones and Memories


Time truly does fly and parents know that better than anyone. Before you know it, your kids have grown up and moved out of the house. 

Cherishing the moments you get to spend with your children and marking important milestones is something you won’t regret, even when it takes a little extra time and planning.

If this is the year you want to do more to mark important memories and milestones, here are a few ideas to get you started.

–        Plant a tree together. There are many ways to mark a special occasion and planting a tree is extra special. Perhaps you have moved into a new home or you’ve just welcomed a new child into the family, a tree will be a sound reminder of a memorable moment in your lives.

–        Create mementos using fingers and toes. Your child’s fingers and toes are so precious when they’re younger so don’t miss the change to capture this. Hand and footprint art is a great way to have some fun and turn a special milestone into a lasting memory in the form of a plate, canvas or photo.

–        Schedule a mini photo session. Professional family photo sessions don’t need to be expensive or take up an entire afternoon. Mini photo sessions give you the chance to capture updated family photos that you can add to a collection to enjoy later on in life.

–        Get your child to create a painting. Celebrate your child’s birthday and how much they have changed and grown by getting them to create an annual art piece in a format of their choice. Store these pieces in a safe place so that you can pass it on to them later in life. Don’t forget to add a date to each of them so that you know which birthday it’s for.

–        Create a family scrapbook. We hardly ever print and enjoy photos after we take them. Make a point of creating a family scrapbook or album every year, even if it’s just a few pages that highlight how much you have changed and any important milestones that occurred during that year.

Life can be busy but there are always ways to work these types of projects into your year. 



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