Creative Tips for Documenting Your Next Family Road Trip

Family trips can be a mission to plan but once you’re on the road, all of the stress soon falls away and you get to enjoy time with the people you love.

Whether you already love capturing your adventures together as a family and are looking for new ideas or you simply want to start capturing more details of your trip, here are a few tips to inspire you.

–        Capture the roadside stops. Road stops are not always the most beautiful photo locations but grab your camera anyway. Let your kids run around for a bit, find a quirky detail but always take at least one photo of each roadside stop. Let your creativity do the work.

–        Highlight where you are. While you may usually take photos of people on your vacation, don’t forget to grab a few photos that will highlight where you are. Think of these photos as essential parts to your road trip story.

–        Photograph your meals. If you will be cooking meals in a different way such as over a campfire or you find yourself at a fun restaurant, be sure to capture a few photos of your food.

–        Shoot inside the car. Hardly anyone takes enough photos in the car, so make your next road trip different. Along with taking photos of your kids sleeping in the back seat, take a few shots of your surroundings from a different perspective such as your side mirrors.

–        Good mornings and nights. You’re bound to have a few photos of your children sleeping or waking up at home, so add a few more photos to that collection by capturing them waking up or going to bed on vacation.

–        Don’t forget to photograph yourself. Parents are often so focused on capturing amazing photos that they forget to be in a few themselves. Pass the camera to your spouse or bring a tripod along so that everyone can be in a few photos together. 

Finally, don’t forget that this is a vacation, so don’t aim for perfection, just fun, and memories. 



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