Why an Urban Location is Perfect for Your Family Photo Session

There are a number of locations to choose from for your family photo session but there are a few unique reasons why urban locations have become so popular.

If you’re still feeling undecided about a location for your upcoming shoot, here’s why you should consider taking a stroll around your city to scout for locations.

1. Amazing Colors and Textures

If you want to make your photos more interesting, an urban location has one of the widest selections of colors and textures for you to incorporate into your shots. The buildings create leading lines, outdoor furniture and signage add color, walls bring in texture – the options are endless. To ensure there aren’t too many distractions though, it’s best to plan your shoot for early morning, before crowds of people fill the streets.

2. Stepping Away from Tradition

While taking family photos in your home or a local park can be beautiful, if you’re looking for a change of scenery and something a little different, an urban location is ideal. An urban location is a step away from traditional family photography, but the results are still special. Many people think that an urban location is too ‘hard’ for a family session, but this just means you haven’t found the right photographer.

3. Cool Art is Everywhere

Graffiti is not what it used to be. Today, it’s an art and the city streets are filled with incredible murals that will add a touch of creativity to your photos. By taking an hour or two to walk through your city, you will be surprised at the artistic gems that surround you. Make some notes about where you might want to pose for photos prior to your session. You don’t always have to have street art in the background, it simply helps change things up a bit.

If you’re new to an area, speak to your photographer about some of their favorite urban locations for some inspiration. Go walk around a bit before you decide on a location to make sure you’re happy with the photo opportunities.

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